Life for a mercenary is never easy. And there is never the guarantee that you will see tomorrow. But men in war create a brotherhood. And that brotherhood can get you through the worst hell has to offer. Men will fight and bleed and kill for their brothers.

And so it was for you and your brothers. You created a fighting family the likes of which the land had never seen. You were respected. You were feared. You traveled the land bringing swift justice or retribution to for all who had the coin and the courage to seek you out – and you always honored your contract.

And then came the day you were betrayed. Your brothers bled and died with no one to mourn then, framed for a crime for which they were innocent. And in many ways, you died with them. But those to blame will suffer- no matter the cost.

To the world, you are dead men. You are fugitives. You are anathema. But the truth, told in whispers around campfires in the chill air of night, you are Revenant.Revenant_Symbol.png


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