...and They Lived Happily Ever After

Gunther, Raestrith, and Sir Trent Ilian had mere hours until the meeting between the now deceased Count Otto VonBurreck and the traitor Rynold Ninefingers at The Stag.

Raestrith and Gunther set up across the street at The Poor Man’s Respite, where they experienced their first brunch with mimosas and quiche (Tiny Bird Cakes). The restaurant was kind enough to loan the two gentlemen the proper attire.

Raestrith set up at The Stag in the kitchen, blocking one exit. Gunther gave Sir Ilian one attempt at speaking with Rynold. Sir Ilian dejectedly walked out of the restaurant when Rynold stated that he would only speak with Gunther and Raestrith.

Our heroes confronted the traitor about his treachery but it seemed the two-faced man had not learned any lessons and had been betrayed himself. He attempted to barter for his own life by releasing information and a key that would lead to the princess. Then, unsurprisingly, he attempted to escape.

Gunther and Raestrith chased Rynold across rooftops and through crowded streets before cornering him in his own trap. Alchemist’s Fire was nothing against vengeance and Rynold’s chest was soon crushed. His body flew out a second story window and his throat was slashed, just to be sure.

Meanwhile, Sir Ilian was able to save the princess, thus clearing the sullied name, Revenant.

The final loose end was Kokkinos, The Warlord, who had set a 1,000 gold bounty on both Raestrith and Gunther’s heads. They enlisted the help of Korwin of the Windreaver Clan. Korwin led them to a small village at the foot of a mountain, where the residents worshiped Kokkinos as a god.

Words were briefly and formally exchanged before Gunther and Raestrith fought gallantly against Kokkinos, the red dragon. Gunther raised his thunder maul repeatedly and beat on Kokkinos. At the very moment the dragon breathed fire on Gunther, Raestrith leaped to save his brother and sacrifice himself.

In that brief split second, all of the faces of Gunther’s Revenant family flashed before his eyes; Raestrith the last to fall to this arrogant beast’s prideful whim. Gunther reached deep within himself and cracked Kokkinos’s jaw with one hit. The final blow collapsed his skull.

Gunther raced to Raestrith’s aid and found his friend was not yet dead. The two brushed themselves off and, of course, looted the dragon’s lair with all they could carry. Korwin was awaiting them outside the cave and they gave him the good news that he had been promoted. Then, they all returned to Dullik.

The Aftermath:

Sir Ilian was able to clear Raestrith and Gunther’s names. The two fulfilled their promise to Durmond Ironskin. Gunther went on a date with Jessiah, the waitress from The Poor Man’s Respite.

Raestrith took a job working for the king, increasing royal security.

Gunther retired from the traveling salesman business to open a small woodworking shop he had always dreamed about. He went on some more dates with Jessiah and gave her a sapphire necklace that he claimed from the dragon’s lair, his last and most epic battle. He also became a connoisseur of quiche. Eventually, he found the perfect chef and opened a restaurant called “Tiny Bird Cakes” that made every kind of quiche you could imagine.


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