Turen Gallows and the whole Revenant mercenary group were on a job escorting a young girl. The escort job was easy enough, but it was rare to have the whole group together on a job. Nevertheless, the men took it as an opportunity to catch up with each other and enjoy some easy money.

Of course, nothing is too good to be true. The job went south when they were ambushed in a canyon by the entire Crimson Company. All five captains were there with extra men. The Revenant were outnumbered, 21 to 1.

Gunther and Raestrith awoke chained up in a wagon full of slaves. Gunther threatened everyone to help bend the bar they were chained to back and forth until the wagon was stopped and a man came in to speak with them.

Durmond Ironskin and his girlfriend were slavers and had scavenged the site where the Revenant had been attacked. Raestrith and Gunther struck a deal to be released at the promise that they would later “encourage” a merchant in Titan, Jensen Idlebrook, to pay a debt to Durmond. Their items were returned, much to Gunther’s relief, and they set back toward the site of their near demise.

Several things were wrong about that ambush. First, it was rare to have the entire Revenant hired for a job. Second, it was extremely rare to see all of the Crimson Company on a job, let alone just a couple of the captains. Finally, there were 17 Revenant members and only 14 graves. Then, Raestrith found part of a note in Rynold Ninefingers’s hand, indicating that he was the traitor. It was clear that they had been betrayed by one of their own.

Gunther and Raestrith set off on a path for vengeance. They went toward Dullek, to find Roscoe, the man who had set up their assignment. On the way, they discovered that a lot of time had passed, the girl whom they were escorting was in fact the princess, and a rumor had spread that the Revenant had kidnapped and murdered the princess.

Roscoe promised to help them, as he was an old friend of their leader, Turen. He told them where to find one of the five captains, Karg Bloodserpent.

Gunther and Raestrith ambushed Bloodserpent and proceeded to slaughter his entire company.

One down.


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