Taking Care of Business

When we last left Gunther and Raestrith, they were fleeing a chance encounter with Sir Trent Ilian after trying to convince him that he had let the wrong man escape.

It was now dark. They knew the underground whereabouts to Umber the Unseeing, which would be perfect for hiding out for a few hours.

Umber was watching an illegal fighting ring. While it was to the death, it was still child’s play compared to the things that Raestrith and Gunther had seen. Nobles were betting and drinking like it was a game.

Umber refused to speak with them unless one of them defeated the evening’s champion. Gunther stepped up and within four shots, stepped out of the ring. Feeling high and mighty, Umber gave little information and insult as he told Raestrith and Gunther they could leave. Raestrith was ready to leave and said something about coming back but Gunther was not having any of this bullshit.

“I know that we can leave, but you can’t,” he said as he grabbed Umber’s foot and swung him off his branch and into the ring to fight. The two easily took Umber, giving him better odds than the Crimson Company had given the Revenant. 2:1 instead of 21:1.

When the evening was over, the fight was over, the spectators were gone, Umber’s men had disappeared, and the two tired anti-heroes returned to a rendezvous to meet with Roscoe Canteburg.

The next day Roscoe had set up a secret meeting with Sir Ilian for Raestrith, who wanted a second attempt to convince the knight of the truth. Unfortunately, he had no hard evidence that Count Otto VonBurreck was working against the king yet. Roscoe had also discovered that the Count had hired Maglar and his men to serve as guards around the castle starting the next day and that until then, they were holed up at the Castleforge, a smithy outside of town.

The meeting with Sir Ilian was not wholly unsuccessful. He gave Gunther his signet ring, which would allow them entry to his home if they had more hard evidence. It seemed that he wanted to believe them after they provided hope that the princess might still be alive.

Then, in the dark of night, Raestrith and Gunther swept into the Castleforge. On their way in, they killed seven of Maglar’s men. Maglar hid behind his 9 best, but not for long. Gunther’s rage got the better of him and he was almost taken out, but Raestrith was right beside him to make sure they finished this. Soon, the lieutenants were gone and Maglar joined the dead.

There were 22 remaining men. Raestrith informed them that they now worked for him. Gunther made sure they were paid what Maglar had promised. They were instructed to show up to the castle for work in the morning, with no mention of what had happened that night.


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