The Plot Thickens

After taking care of one fifth of the Crimson Company in one night, Gunther and Raestrith returned to Roscoe Canteburg for more information. Roscoe had been able to set up a meeting with Count Otto VonBurreck, the king’s second in command, who had hired the Revenant for their last job.

The secret meeting revealed that the Count is working behind the king’s back, he hired the Crimson Company to ambush the Revenant, and the whereabouts of another Crimson Company captain, Korwin of the Windreaver Clan. Gunther walked away with the heavy feeling that they should have killed the man on the spot, knowing that he was directly responsible for the deaths of their brothers. Raestrith is convinced that they will have a second opportunity at a later time and had promised the Count would leave that meeting alive because he had provided some information.

Gunther also noticed that the location where they had met, must have a secret entrance to the castle.

Roscoe held a secret post outside of the Iron Lion, where Gunther and Raestrith went to deal with Korwin. The two Revenants sat at Korwin’s table and spoke with him. No fight broke out, they dined together and when they parted, they shook hands like men who had respect for each other. Korwin bore them no malice for surviving or for murdering the Bloodserpent. He even provided them with the location of another captain, Umber the Unseeing.

When they left the Iron Lion, a figure in the shadows caught their attention. It was Rynold Ninefingers. Gunther immediately snatched him up by the throat. He tried to convince them that he was not the traitor and he had thought it was them, until Raestrith showed him the note he had found. At that point, Rynold was on the attack. He was losing, until the King’s Guard showed up and Sir Trent Ilian stopped Gunther and Raestrith from exacting their revenge.

Rynold was let go to pass and the knight attempted to bring the two in. Thanks to a diversion by Roscoe, they escaped.


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