Waste Not...

Our framed heroes, Gunther and Raestrith instructed their new “recruits” to show up to work without their previous employer. They snuck into the Tollhouse and used the secret passage into the castle where they laid a trap for Count Otto VonBurreck and his personal guards.

Even the best laid plans (man, it looked so cool in my head) often are thwarted. The result was a chase in which Gunther and Rasetrith dispatched all of VonBurreck’s guards until Gunther had him cornered and alone. Or so he thought…

Grummel Bonebreaker appeared and while Gunther was distracted, a monster killed the count. Raestrith arrived, followed by Sir Trent Ilian and another chase ensued. This was short-lived as Bonebreaker came upon a sad scene. All of his men were poisoned or murdered. He too, felt the sting of betrayal.

After a (disappointingly short) fight (with little effort on Bonebreaker’s side), Raestrith and Gunther brought him to his end.

More evidence of a deal between the count and Rynold Ninefingers was secured.


bentpaperclip Rhy_Vix

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