If Jason Statham were a half-orc


Gunther is a simple fighter who values very few things in life:

- his hammer collection
- doing your best work and taking pride in it
- the ethical practice of business
- a good quiche
- the peace of mind one receives from working with your hands
- his wife, Jessiah

He was abandoned as a child. Growing up was easy for Gunther, he is 6 feet, 5 inches tall. Naturally, he fought a lot and discovered that it puts him at ease. When he was old enough for the orphanage to kick him out, he joined the king’s army. Gunther served for over ten years before leaving as a sergeant. He then took the odd and end job protecting or collecting and wrote a book, Gunther’s Guide to Gear. Soon his talents were discovered by Turen Gallows and he was invited to interview for The Revenant mercenary company. Gunther spent six years as a Revenant before the incident where fourteen of his brethren were murdered.

Before retiring, he and his companion, Raestrith, went on a vengeance rampage. They sought Rynold Ninefingers, who had sold them out. Anyone who stood in their way wasn’t standing for long. They discovered that Count Otto VonBurreck was guilty of treason and had played a major part in their betrayal. On their way, they destroyed four of the five captains of the Crimson Company: Karg Bloodserpent, Umber the Unseeing, Maglar, and Grummel Bonebreaker. Finally, they came face to face with the red dragon Kokkinos “The Warlord” and ended the saga.

Gunther then finished up some business before leaving the hired-hand game. He happily owns and operates a small woodworking business in Dullik, Gunther’s Goods. He owns a restaurant called Tiny Bird Cakes (that only makes quiche) which his wife, Jessiah, runs.


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